As my tree progressed I started to find relatives I never knew I had, after losing my Mum I didn’t have any family and all of a sudden I was finding cousins everywhere. It’s very overwhelming now to have quite a large family but I wouldn’t change it for anything and love learning about all the different aspects of my family tree.

I now also have a lot of contact with my biological paternal line, although not with my biological father as he has long since passed and to be honest not too sure if I would have made the contact had he still been living.

It’s lovely to be able to find out details to enhance the family tree especially with old family photos, and stories from the older generations that would normally have been lost. Listening to the old family stories and tales and then setting out to find more details to try and discover the facts and proof to confirm them or not as the case may be and sometimes that’s how it turned out.

And so my rollercoaster ride began…………