I was brought up in a dysfunctional family, we weren’t close and didn’t have lots of cousins or aunts and uncles that we were in touch with. So I never really had any interest in my family history, also I wasn’t that keen on history as a subject.

I had heard a few family stories that were handed down, my Grandad being a bigamist and getting caught. As a child I found my maternal Nan to be quite a nasty woman, we later found out she had suffered from early onset Dementia but she wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her 70’s. My Mum always used to say to make allowances for her, as she had had a hard childhood. The family story was she had found her father who had hanged himself behind the bathroom door when she was young.

My turning point like alot of people was the death of my Mum, apart from my own family, that was it, it was just me………. one evening about 2 weeks after her death, whilst sitting watching TV I picked up my laptop and did exactly what the TV advert said…… I typed my name in.

That was it I was addicted, and from that point on my life changed in so many ways.  My blog is my story of my journey and my discoveries and bombshells!

That have all helped to mold me into the Genealogist I am today.